Tips for Visiting


At our sessions, you can:

  • Take a constellation tour.
  • Get a close-up view of the Moon and planets.
  • See deep sky objects through one of our telescopes.
  • Have your burning astronomy questions answered!

Bring binoculars or a telescope if you have them, but it’s not required. We do, however, encourage that you to bring:

  • warm clothing, as nights can be unexpectedly chilly, even if it is warm during the day.
  • closed shoes, as the grass can get very long and can be muddy.
  • a flashlight, preferable with a red filter or red cellophane.
  • bug spray.
  • friends and family.
  • star charts or maps.
  • a lawn chair or blanket.

A note about lighting: Please do NOT use your high beams when driving onto the observatory site. A flashlight is helpful for finding the observatory on foot, but please keep your light pointed DOWN at the ground in front of you, not at the observatory where people may be trying to use the telescopes. Once you are on site, please keep flashlight and bright cell phone use to a minimum so that everyone can get the best enjoyment out of the night sky. Smartphone screens should be made as dim as possible. There are even free star apps that you can download and they usually make the screen very dim, perfect for nighttime viewing. 

If you have questions just before or during the event, Dr. Gugliucci can be reached by phone or text at 434-260-1731.

Thank you!

Photo by Kerianne Marino

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