Information for Internships and Jobs for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Majors

This page serves as a public location for information on summer internships for science and engineering students at Saint Anselm College (and elsewhere!) Last update: 23 December 2017.

Want to add something? Email Dr. Gugliucci at

Available to Saint Anselm Physics Majors and Minors at

Note: Many of these applications require letters of recommendation. Please give your recommenders AMPLE (~2 weeks) notice to complete these letters and feel free to SEND US REMINDERS until we’ve done it.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates – National Science Foundation

These summer internships are typically 8-10 week-long, paid internships, and they provide or help you find housing for the duration of the internship. You are paired with an advisor and work with them on a research project. REU sites often have several students living together working on different projects.

REU-funded programs are only available to US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate institution. Some programs will accept rising juniors, though you typically see rising seniors in these programs. Each site has its own application process, though there are no fees, so apply to as many as interest you if you are a sophomore or junior!

Search from all the REU sites available at: Subfields: ALL. Deadlines: vary (January-March)

I want to highlight our relationship with the KNAC consortium, so if you are specifically interested in astronomy REUs in the northeast, talk to Dr. Gugliucci about that. More info at Subfields: Astronomy and astrophysics. Deadline: February 10

I also want to highlight the REU program at the MIT Haystack Observatory, just 40 minutes away from us. We have recently started a working relationship with them, as well, so please talk to Dr. Gugliucci if you are interested. More info at Subfields: Astronomy and astrophysics, atmospheric science, engineering. Deadline: February 1

NASA Internships

NASA runs full-time and part-time internships all year long. 8-10 week summer internships run from May or June to August at various locations around the country. All information on NASA internships, scholarships, and other programs are run through one site: Helpful starting information here (pdf). Subfields: vary. Deadline: March 1

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

Department of Energy version of the REU program, Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI). This 10 week program runs at 17 DOE locations around the country. See Subfields: Vary. Deadline: January 12

AAAS Science Writing and Policy Internships

This is a collection of internships, some summer and some during the year, in either science writing or science policy work, typically located in Washington, DC. Subfields: Science writing and science policy. Deadlines: Varies. See Website for details.

Smithsonian Internships

The Smithsonian offers many internships available in art, science, culture, and education.

Of particular interest might be the National Air and Space Museum. (Note, Dr. G. has a contact who works at this museum.)

Subfields: ALL, w/ focus on education and outreach. Deadlines: 1/15-4/14, depending on field

Society of Physics Students

10 week internships in science research, education, and policy, particularly in physics, in Washington, DC. Open to SPS members only. Subfields: Physics research, education, and outreach. Deadline: January 15

National Radio Astronomy Observatory Summer Internships

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory hosts summer programs in astronomy, astrophysics, engineering, and computer science at its various sites. They are held in Charlottesville, Virginia, Socorro, New Mexico, and Green Bank, West Virginia. Most of the positions are paid for through the REU program, however there are a few positions that are independent, thus available to seniors and international students that do not qualify for an REU. Subfields: Astronomy, astrophysics, engineering, computer science. Deadline: February 1

(Okay, I admit. I’m highlighting this one because I was a three-time participant. Note, the Green Bank program may undergo some changes given the observatory’s new independent status. – Dr. G)

National Institute of Standards and Technology – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

NIST SURF has two locations: Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Boulder, Colorado, and several areas of specialty in science and engineering. Applications are put in through by your college, NOT you, so see one of us for guidance. The final deadline is February 12. Subfields: various science and engineering. Deadline: See a professor ASAP to start the application process with the college.

2018 Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Solar and Space Physics

The University of Colorado invites undergraduates to apply for a summer Research Experience for highly motivated students interested in solar and space physics. Students will work on projects spanning the field of solar and space physics: from instrument hardware to data analysis to computational modeling. Subfields: Solar and space physics. Deadline: January 29

Summer Research Program at Lincoln Laboratory

Three internship programs are listed in Optical SystemsSpace Systems, and Sensor Systems at Lincoln Labs at MIT.

More Lincoln Lab internships at: Vary

Search for more internships, scholarships, and other job opportunities!


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